Nutrimento consapevole


We prepare fresh, vibrant, simple, seasonal food as whole and organic as it can be, vegan and cruelty free. Our main ingredient is Love for what we do.

Our menu includes traditional Italian and regional dishes like risotto, soups, pasta, bread and desserts. Everything is home made with simple, wholesome ingredients that we select from local organic producers. On the other hand, we offer ethnic cuisine, “world inspired” dishes that are born out of our travels, contaminations and culinary research in various countries.

The restaurant comprises various areas, from the three indoor rooms to the tables on the pedestrian street in summer, as well as a wonderful inner courtyard: a small secret garden where we cultivate our aromatic herbs. Lit by candles and soft lights, it’s a romantic and intimate place, ideal for special occasions. We also have a shop, where you can buy home made products and vegan cheese.

For the design of our restaurant, we decided to focus on reusing things: we took objects and materials with their own history, and transformed them to give them a new life. We have lamps made of recycled plastic bottles and raffia, artisan tables created from old boat planks, a Singer sewing machine and an Olivetti Valentine typewriter that we’ve found in our grandparents’ attics, and more.


Via Garibaldi 17/19

55045 Pietrasanta

Lucca, Italy

+39 0584 792396



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